Recession and Islam

Talk of the day is the phenomenon of increased redundancy in the world in general and our country in particular. Graduates from all fields are seen every morning holding a folder in their hands containing their official documents waiting for a bus to go for interviews. Majority of them complain for not even getting interview calls from organizations. Some curse their fate, some call the system dirty and some just keep cool and let their Dad do the dirty work of earning while they sleep all day.

Among all of these jobless are some who keep their cool and don’t let themselves down, no matter how many failed interviews and tests go by. They have something in them that lifts them up every time they go down. What is that special substance that flows in their veins and helps them rejuvenate? It is the faith in ALLAH (SWT).

In the 99 names of ALLAH (SWT), we come to know that each name represents His characteristics and each characteristic has no boundary or limit and extends up to infinity. In those 99 names, we find the glorious name Al-Razzaq.

A-RazzaqAl-Razzaq means The Sustainer, The Provider. As Muslims, we should have a firm believe on the fact that Rizq (sustenance) is something that ALLAH (SWT) has taken total responsibility of. Of course, nobody can deny the importance of effort and hard work, but all of that plays only a small part in the broader picture. Those who believe in fate should also believe in the fact that prayers can change fates. There is nothing at all that is impossible for the Al-Mighty.

Recession had taken the world like a storm a couple of years back and its effects are still felt not only in developing nations like ours, but also in many developed countries. We, being a nation that is more enriched in emotions than intellect take it in a way that suicides are attempted because of joblessness.

Instead of finding it a way to connect to ALLAH (SWT) in a stronger way, people start complaining to ALLAH (SWT) and blame their fate for not providing them Rizq (sustenance). What needs to be done in these tough times however is to ask ALLAH (SWT) for mercy, forgiveness and Rizq-e-Halaal. Ask for forgiveness if ALLAH (SWT) has put you in this position as a punishment and ask for glory if ALLAH (SWT) has put you in a test. If it is difficult to distinguish if it is a punishment or a test, ask for both at the same time.

Some of the deeds that please ALLAH (SWT) and increase Rizq (sustenance) are:

1. Good intentions.

2. Staying in touch with family and relatives and being good to them.
3. Always saying in a state of “Wudhoo.”
4. Not swearing/taking oaths.
5. Seeking forgiveness from ALLAH (SWT).
6. Not being greedy and being gracious for all the blessings of ALLAH (SWT).
7. Saying Namaz in Jamaat and being absolutely attentive during Namaz.

8. Saying the Azaan and repeating it while being said.
9. Giving priority to ALLAH (SWT)’s commands over people’s wishes.
10. Must not consider “Rizq” (sustenance) to be something insignificant.

Some of the deeds that displease ALLAH (SWT) and decrease Rizq (sustenance) are:

1. Considering Namaz to be insignificant.
2. Being disrespectful with parents.
3. Addressing parents by their names.
4. Walking in front of the aged.
5. Breaking ties with relatives.
6. False swearing.
7. Expressing greed.
8. Having the habit of lying.
9. Turning away the needy.
10. Rushing out of Masjid.
11. Sleeping a lot.
12. Not honoring bread crumbs.
13. Biting nails.
14. Lavish the expenditures without a purpose.

Good and bad times are from ALLAH (SWT), what we can do is to only show trust and faith in ALLAH (SWT) in those times and eventually they will pass. Whatever I have stated above by any means does not mean that one stops looking for a job completely and expect ALLAH (SWT) to do something for him. ALLAH (SWT) helps those who help themselves. You just have to remain calm and composed in your efforts and leave the rest to ALLAH (SWT).

It is absolutely necessary not to give up at any moment of time. ALLAH (SWT) is always there and will always be. These are not just words; these are part of a faith, a faith that will always let the hopes alive for a better world and the here-after.

Hammad A. Mateen


5 responses to “Recession and Islam

  1. Abdul Rahim Batavia

    MASHALLAH, an inspirational piece of writing for all youngsters!

  2. Good going Hammad !! Young generation should definitely learn this as this time they can go into thankless situation !

  3. Some of these have been unknown to me interms of their gravity. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Good very GOOD ! i expected such type of things from u . ALLAH KARE ZOORE QALAM AUR ZIADA

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