The Middle Way

The dilemma faced by Muslims all over the world today is merely because of the lack of interest of Muslims in their own religion. Very often these days we hear the term ‘non-practicing Muslims’ these days, so what are these ‘non-practicing Muslims’ ?

Lets just spare a few minutes on the thought and definition of this term, what it actually means and how does it interpret the religion of Islam and its followers to the outer world.

Is there actually room for ‘non-practicing Muslims’ in Islam ?

The answer is ‘No’. Notice the capital ‘N’, that’s how significant it is and it is not dependant upon any indivisual’s understanding or any political/ social/ geographical situation or scenario which might force a change in perception.

We are brought up being fed in our minds the realization that after death, we would be either put into Hell or Heaven depending upon our deeds that we perform in this world. There is no such space in between where ‘non-practicing Muslims’ will be accommodated neither is there mentioned any special treatment for this elite cast of Islamic followers who were too busy in their worldly affairs whilst their stay in the world to focus on the basics of their religion, though they were confident enough to come forward and call themselves ‘The Face of Moderate Islam.’

There always are only two basic options in front of us, YES or NO. In this case, either we are Muslims or we are not. If we are, then we are bound to surrender ourselves and our needs to all that our religion demands, be it to our liking or dislike. We cannot afford to let our ego and inner-self write the script for us in the presence of a complete Holy Scripture, The Holy Qura’an.

It is never too late to gain knowledge and understanding of what we don’t know already, but it definitely will be too late if the day of judgment arrives and we are caught napping.

Think about it !

Hammad A. Mateen


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