What’s the plan?

“So, where are you working these days?”

“What’s the package?”

“Any plans for going abroad?”

“… but it is always handy to have a business running besides doing a job.”

All this and much more, exclusively on our not-so-favorite 24-hour channel, our society. People these days blame the youth for wrongly aspiring to earn more and more in a short amount of time. Might be true to some extent, but what these very people do not realize is the fact that they have themselves developed into a pressurizing factor for the youth to do this so.

clip_image002[1]realitycheck job-search

An ordinary young man in the 16th year of his education starts to grow grey hair just thinking about what this merciless world would do to him when he practically steps out into it. Our system is a good teacher itself however; as it prepares the youth to tackle most of the hurdles it might face even during its days of education. Politics starts from the cafeteria of the college; a friend of mine would guard his lecture notes more than his life just to make sure nobody else gets even a glance at what he’d noted. To go an extra mile, he would even make sure he misled his classmates so that none of them could even come close to him as far as the grades were concerned.

Nevertheless, there are ways to survive in our society as well. All you need to do is to make sure you are born as a protégé of a senior civil officer, politician or at least someone who is politically well-connected. Doors are wide open for you in every walk of life so take a chill pill and don’t hurry to get into the field. Take your time, go abroad for vacations after graduation, explore the universities their and tell your dad about the one you’ve chosen for your further studies and he’ll surely arrange for your admission and other expenses. Acquire a degree from abroad and then come back to become part of top management of any leading organization run by your uncle or dad himself.

Some with good educational records however look for scholarships in foreign universities. Majority like me look for free education options like Sweden or Norway but even drop that idea fearing the living expenses only over there. Some dare to take the step and do odd jobs over there to cover up some of the expenses.

Staying in Pakistan means you have to listen to your ‘middle-class’ uncles and aunts and even parents at times taunting you and comparing you to classmates earning more than you do. All your passions are termed as waste of time and hurdles in your professional progress. Whatever you earn is never enough for the society, wherever you work is never reputable enough for them. They don’t want to see you in Pakistan, they want to see you abroad, even if you clean toilets over there it is good enough for them. At least they can proudly stand in the society to affirm that their boy is earning overseas.

As far as the office is concerned, the employer and employee both have unrealistic expectations from each other, not complying to which either the employee makes frequent switches or the employer starts a firing campaign in the name of ‘cost cuts’.

As a result of the above mentioned state of affairs, we stand today at a point where our youth is more confused and baffled than they ever used to be. Redundancy has reached its peak and those who have the brains become victims of the ‘brain drain’ phenomenon and go abroad to study first and then never return back.

Hope still exists in the minds of many that like after every dark night, the sun will rise again with all its glory and things will take a turn in the positive direction for our country providing us the strength to change the system and our mindsets to ensure a better life for our future generations.

Hammad A. Mateen


3 responses to “What’s the plan?

  1. thats excellent stuff hammand, very well written.

  2. Kudos! Love the article and can not agree more! amazingly put! never thought you could write so well…

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