Who am I?

Am I an extremist?
Am I a terrorist?
Am I a source of agony?
Am I a peace specialist?


I long for serenity,
I long for fresh air,
Does that make me any different?
Does that make me an idealist?


I stick to Quran in my life,
I stick to the Prophet (PBUH)’s word,
Then why is this animosity?
Why can’t people coexist?


I value my religion,
I respect those of others,
Then why is this chasm widening?
Why can’t they get the gist?


Formal means wearing less,
It’s mandatory to look modern,
It’s the fashion of dark ages my sisters,
Ask any archeologist.


Money is essential for all,
More important than lives,
People planning their future ventures,
Earning more is a palmist.


Banks operating on interest,
Haraam being called Halaal,
Is this not a predicament?
Is this not to resist?


Ignorance is bliss today,
Knowledge nowhere to be found,
Islam is enlightenment,
And I am a fundamentalist.


Hammad A. Mateen


3 responses to “Who am I?

  1. salam excellent piece of poetry. I was not aware of the fact that you are an excellent poet also. Can we have some thing on E-learning, how much effective actually is E-learning,a poem or an article 🙂

  2. Islam is enlightenment indeed.

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