He’s back

"A lone ranger."

PCB finally takes a U-turn on a decision which it shouldn’t have made at the first place. The inclusion of former test skipper Younis Khan in the Pakistan side for the series against South Africa is boosting for a side that is surrounded by controversies.

I have never thought of Younis Khan as one of the legendary batsmen who have graced the game with their presence on the crease, but I have always admired the man for his passion for the game and the honesty in his dealings.  Maybe that’s the only reason because of which he has been facing problems in existing in a system which is corrupt to the core.

Nevertheless, his selection in the national side will definitely strengthen the batting line and provide the side with an experienced campaigner who will prove beneficial if utilized properly.

Let’s see for how long Younis Khan survives within this system or how long this system will tolerate a straight-forward individual.

In any way, one thing is for sure; honesty doesn’t go waste no matter how long the wait.

Best of Luck MYK!

Hammad A. Mateen


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