Out of Practice?

I like playing cricket, but I don’t find time to do it regularly; maybe once a week or not even that. Can I call myself a cricketer? Maybe not!  Can I call myself a non-practicing cricketer? Sounds strange, let’s skip that.

 A used to teach a few students once, but since I’ve gotten a little busy these days, I haven’t been doing that lately. Can I call myself a teacher? Maybe not! Can I call myself a non-practicing teacher? Umm… what’s that? Forget about that.

Maybe if I consider playing cricket full time, I might call myself a cricketer. Or maybe if I start teaching full time, people might call me a teacher. At least the time I’m playing cricket or teaching the students, I can call myself a cricketer and teacher respectively.

But is there any such term as a non-practicing cricketer or a non-practicing teacher? Obviously it simply means ‘non-cricketer cricketer’ and ‘non-teaching teacher.’ Ah…  What am I saying!

You must all be getting confused reading this crap too, aren’t you?

This is turning out to be a pointless post.

Just imagine if our lives turn out to be this pointless as well.

I’ll tell you how. Our society has a dictionary of its own; a dictionary that is contaminated with sinful terms which are sugar-coated to the extent that they sometimes seem virtuous.  One of those frivolously attracting terms is ‘non-practicing Muslims.’

It’s such an easy way out these days to avoid all rituals and responsibilities that are associated to our religion by calling oneself a ‘non-practicing Muslim.’ I was born a Muslim but it took me 20 odd years to realize what that actually meant, and I’m still in the process of this realization. Non-Muslims that revert to Islam are most of the times better than people like us who try to run away from a religion which we were born into by the blessing of ALLAH (SWT). It’s such a shame. Just because we are born Muslims, we do not bother to spare anymore time and effort in realizing what it actually means. Muslims that newly accept Islam though spare both time and effort and hence know the importance and meaning of Islam.

‘I’m a Muslim by heart and that’s enough for me’, this is also a new STYLE STATEMENT these days. ‘Beard is in Islam, Islam is not in the beard’ is another example. ‘It’s between ALLAH and me’ is also used by many. Of course it’s between ALLAH and you so don’t make it a battle for God’s sake. If you have a sense worth a penny even, you should know who’s going to win this battle.

If one day the Chief of our Army addresses the nation and states, ‘I’m a Pakistani by heart, but from tomorrow I’ll be wearing an Indian uniform but I promise I’m a Pakistani by heart.’  Seems like a joke, doesn’t it? Well that’s what we’ve made our own lives now, a joke.

As far as good looks are concerned, all Prophets sent to the earth by ALLAH Al-Mighty sported beards. Other than Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S.), who could be more manly, handsome, stunning and attractive than Prophet Yousuf (A.S.)? And he too had a beard. So the issue of good looks without a beard is out of question.

When I was growing up, I used to imitate actors and rock stars by sporting different looks and styles. Why? Because I considered them my ideals. I did a lot of things the way they did. Later on, I realized that as a Muslim, on almost every forum we state that our ideal is our Prophet (S.A.W.S.) but we are ashamed of following his ways. Isn’t this hypocrisy? What’s the shame in trying to look like the way your prophet used to when there’s no shame in imitating others?

Don’t make religion a joke. Please don’t take it too lightly. Islam is a way of life. I agree to those who say that it is a very simple and easy religion, but don’t go astray by using the same words.

We are not a necessity for Islam; Islam is a necessity for us.

Hammad A. Mateen


One response to “Out of Practice?

  1. Reality check and a wake up call for every one!!
    the intro was funny but it became serious in the end! nicely mixed!

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