Let’s become Selfish please!

Life on earth had become quite depressing for a family in my neighborhood. So they decided to migrate to Jupiter (that’s how far they could convince NASA to give them a ride to.) After a long hard journey they finally reached their destination. Away from all the pollution, quarrelling colleagues, traffic jams, disturbing guests and unwanted phone calls, Jupiter seemed to be a perfect place for them to settle. It was surreal and peaceful, but something was missing. There was a void which they couldn’t understand. As time passed though, they realized what was missing in their lives; it was happiness, the real happiness.

They returned to earth after hardly spending a month on Jupiter and they were a changed family. They finally knew the meaning and importance of being part of a society. What is a society? We are the society and the way we treat others around us forms the impression of the whole society. From the day of its creation, mankind has always been striving for contentment and inner satisfaction. Some search for it in making money and achieving materialistic wealth and remain unsuccessful throughout their lives. Some don’t go that far and find the real happiness right around the corner by helping and making someone smile.

Real happiness comes from the inside and to reach our inside, we don’t need to work too hard. We should just look around us. Helping people is the way to do it. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something overgenerous; all it needs is a pure intention and a will to contribute in making things easier for someone. Be it giving proper directions to strangers to reach their destination or removing obstacles from the pathway to give convenience to others. The heart smiles and it can be felt as well.

Isolating oneself from others like my neighbors tried to do might prove to be a good idea in the short run, but it might also push us away from achieving the real happiness in our lives which counts a lot. God has blessed us with uncountable opportunities in the form of our family, friends, relatives, colleagues and even strangers. Each of them is special and a source of internal and real happiness for us if we help them. So even for own sake and real happiness; let’s become selfish and start helping others.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali


Hammad A. Mateen


One response to “Let’s become Selfish please!

  1. Good Job boy. Nice work that you have got yourself into.

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