Freedom of speech???

Below are excerpts from a French TV show in which the ‘Independant’ media of the west is praising and advocating freedom of speech exceeding all limits. No wait! there are limits; limits that are assigned by them as well.

Have a look!

I have nothing more to write.

Hammad A. Mateen


2 responses to “Freedom of speech???

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  2. Hammad,
    Great post. It shows the double standards by which the western media and politicians follow a certain line against Islam. This is just the beginning not the end. But Muslims all over the world have to be steadfast and persevere.

    The time is repeating itself. We have not forgotten the days of our prophet salalAllahowalaiwasalam. Where sahaba radi Allah ho unhum were being tortured yet they stood firm like a rock and took all the insults, degradation and even beatings to adhere to steadfastness until Allah’s help arrived.
    Inshallah, a day will soon dawn when the reality of this whole farce will be realized by the millions of Christians and Jews that Islam is the only way to salvation for the whole humanity.

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