Two women, Religion and a lot of Emotions

Aafia Vs. Aasia

Aasia = Pakistani National

Aafia = Pakistan National, US Resident

Aasia = Convicted by Pakistani court

Aafia = Convicted by US court

Aasia = Convicted for blasphemy

Aafia = Convicted for many charges, some of which not even proven against her (for example, no fingerprints found on the gun which they allege her of using to harm US officials)

Aasia = The Pope asks the Pakistani government to forgive her.

Aafia = Silence from the Muslim Ummah. (I mean they did politely inquire the US Govt. if they could hand her over to Pakistan but … yawnnnn!)

Not too sure who gave the President the right to forgive someone who’s committed blasphemy. If there’s doubt regarding the decision, it may be challenged and the witnesses should be cross-questioned again. If the verdict is such that it cannot be challenged, it should be accepted (Remember Dr. Aafia Siddiqui?)

The Dilemma

You see, it’s pretty simple in Pakistan; you get caught (get convicted), you always have the option to change to law. In US, they obviously have the ‘Law’ laws which doesn’t even give the accused the option to change it.

We live in an Islamic state where politicians get over-whelmed with their emotions when someone ‘blasphemes’ their political leaders but the intensity of these very emotions disappear somewhere when someone provokes their Prophet or religion.

Ah! Secularism; we need to be a liberal-minded, don’t we?

We don’t need strikes. This damages the lives of the poor who work on daily wages. They don’t support this cause. What they do support is when these ‘Political’ parties call for a strike, right?

All such issues are made to keep the Mullah’s busy. The common man doesn’t think about all this, does he?

He’s dedicated to the political party that asks for his vote more than his dedication towards his religion.

I’m asking too many questions.

The common man doesn’t know what the 19th Amendment is all about. The common man doesn’t think about how Wiki Leaks is going to affect his life.

The common man is worried about electricity, fuel, wheat, sugar, taxes and a few hundred more issues.

What a common man and a Muslim in particular doesn’t forget amidst all this is his religion. But unfortunately, that’s the last thing on our great leaders’ minds.

Remember one of our Federal Minister’s recitation of Surah-e-Ikhlas?

I don’t blame the poor guy, anyone can forget Surah-e-Ikhlas if you do not practice reciting it for years.

May ALLAH (SWT) guide him and every individual of this country and the Muslim ummah. Aameen!

Keep in touch with your religion and ALLAH (SWT), He is the only one who won’t ever let you down. I promise because it’s His promise.

Hammad A. Mateen


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