A True Story

He took a ‘Ghusl’ and wore his best clothes with perfume. Then he recited the Holy Quran and prayed to the Al-Mighty for his success and left home. He bought his weapon from the market and waited anxiously opposite a shop.

The target entered into his shop and soon as a man alerted the young man, he too entered the shop and stabbed his dagger into the chest of the prey. He stabbed the victim so hard that he ripped his from the body.

The 21 year old didn’t make any attempt to escape. The victim’s guards grabbed him and shouted for help. The police arrived at the scene and arrested the young man. The case went to court and he was sentenced death.

His defense lawyer urged him to make a plea in court that his act was due to extreme provocation but he refused to do so. He was proud of his action. Nevertheless, the plea was made and as expected it was rejected.

His last request was to offer two rakat nafil prayers and after that he was hung till death and his body was buried by the authorities without any Janazah (funeral) prayer being offered for him. Demonstrations broke out and inhabitants of his city protested and demanded that his body should be returned in order to give him an Islamic janazah (funeral).

When his body was exhumed from the grave, it was found to be intact without any change whatsoever. Even the shroud (Kafan) had not changed its color. This was done after 15 days of his hanging.

This was the only case Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah had lost. He fought the case without charging a single penny.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal, while placing the body of this young man into the grave said, “This uneducated man has surpassed us, the educated ones.”

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan said, “Ah! Only if I had attained this blessed status.”

The man was Ghazi Ilm-ud-Din Shaheed (R.A.)

The cause was to terminate a person named Raj Pal who was guilty of blasphemy.

Allama Iqbal later went on to become the visionary who gave the concept the Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah along with companions like Maulana Zafar Ali Khan founded Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The foundation of this country was laid in the name of Islam and no one will ever be given the right to smear or criticize our Religion and our Holy Prophet (PBUH).


Hammad A. Mateen


5 responses to “A True Story

  1. Nice piece of information. I wanted to read more about this person but you gave the pertinent information.

  2. This post was rejected to be published on the Express Tribune Blog.

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  4. Hammad – one correction in the piece that Ilm Deen did appeal in the high court and again as mercy to the King but both were rejected (contrary to your statement that he refused to accept that his act was due to extreme provocation). And it was due to extreme provocation. Had the book not been published then he would not have killed him, so it was due to extreme provocation. Nothing heroic in not accepting that.

    We have made heroes out of killers and corrupt people one way or the other after their deaths. Mahmood Ghaznavi to Ilm deen and bhutto to zia and benazir to qadri. What more proof that we made the most corrupt person, the president. Good job, keep promoting the killers and the corrupt. You can choose Ilm deen, somebody else will choose zardari. We have a wide variety available. Good luck.

    • Anas, The mistake you identified has been clarified. Mr. Jinnah lost the case (which makes it obvious that he fought/defended it) and it is also obvious that a man can only act in such a way when extremely provoked by someone or something, the age factor could also have helped Mr. Jinnah’s cause but nothing was accepted by the British courts.

      Secondly, wikipedia is a good source to find information (your correction clearly reflects you’ve just been to one source) but in the same article it is also mentioned that Ghazi Ilm Deen wanted to wrap the rope around his neck himself but thought came that it may be a suicide and therefore the rope was wrapped around his neck (so he wasn’t afraid of death nor regretful of his action.)

      Thirdly, the killer was made a hero not by this author. The man who conceived Pakistan did that along with the man who founded it.

      In the end, Mr. Jinnah was not ‘Hired’ to defend Ghazi Ilm Deen; he did not charge a single penny for the case (as again mentioned in the wikipedia article.)

      I’m sure you wouldn’t allow anyone to swear at your mother, neither would you impose the condition that if the person doesn’t swear publicly at your mother, you would forgive them.

      None of us can become a true Muslim until we love our Prophet (SALLALLAHO ALAIHI WASALLAM) more than our parents even.

      You can check the books of Hadith for reference.


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