Mothers for Sale!

16th March, 2011, another black day in the history of a country that now spends 90% of a year BLACK!

Writers wasted their words, speakers wasted their emotions, newspapers wasted ink. With a stroke of pen, the Session Court Lahore rubbished them all.

Whatever happened to the illegal weapons possession case, or the spying material found from Raymond’s (or whatever his name was) car.

Compensation was finalized for cold-blooded murders of two men worth 21 crore rupees and American visas. Two men, one of whom’s wife committed suicide hopeless for justice from her government. A government which is run by people who would sell their own mothers and sisters if they get a good price for them.

It is one of those moments when you feel ashamed to be a part of this nation. Moments when you want to dig a hole and bury yourself in it so that nobody can notice that you were also around when things like this happened.

Scores are level; Musharaf-1, Zardari-1

The dictator sold his sister, the democrat sold his mother’s honor.

Islam reigns supreme when America uses it for compensation for murders committed by it’s agents.

Muslims are extremists when they run a country by Islamic laws.

Well done Pakistan !!!

We’ve proven our loyalty yet again!

Drones, Raymonds, Air Space, Land routes, Transportation, Aafias, Air Bases, Residential Space and much much more.

We are Pakistan, and we’re on Sale!


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