10 reasons why Ijaz Butt should resign

He’s hard to move, very spontaneous and covers a lot of volume. Yes! Ladies and gentlemen, he’s none other than Mr. Ijaz Butt. For the last 3 years, the phenomenon of Ijaz Butt has surpassed all ifs and buts to stick tight to his seat of PCB’s chairmanship.

Many have come and gone trying to present reasons for him to be sacked, but to no use. Today, I would also like to enter and ebb in the endless list of those who gave reasons why Ijaz Butt should resign/ be sacked.

10 reasons why Ijaz Butt should resign/ be sacked according to me are:

  1.  At 73, it’s time he should head PVCB (Pakistan Veterans’ Cricket Board) rather than the PCB. The manager of the Pakistan Veterans’ Cricket Team would still be his long time friend from Hoshiarpur, Intikhab Alam (70).
  2. The next world cup isn’t scheduled to take place in Pakistan so we don’t actually need someone to give it away for at least 4 more years.
  3. Afridi has announced his retirement so there are no more superstars left in the Pakistan team to humiliate.
  4. Make way, Mr. Ahmed Mukhtar has other relatives to please too.
  5. Even the U-turns on roads have been re-named. They are now called ‘Ijaz Butts.’
  6. It’ll take a little time till a next Akmal grows old enough to join the Pakistan team.
  7. No cricketer in the present bunch is interested in becoming an ‘episodic’ captain.
  8. A proposed amendment to the ICC’s constitution (if approved) would allow the governing body to suspend a member in case of government interference in the running of a national cricket board (I think they’re talking about you Mr. Butt.)
  9. The selection committee has become real rusty. It’s time we let them select teams for a change.
  10. The PCB head’s chair has finally said, ‘You resign, or else I will!’

Hammad A. Mateen


2 responses to “10 reasons why Ijaz Butt should resign

  1. Mohammad Shoaib

    That’s very interesting. I really liked the 5th and the 10th one. They are really hilarious.

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