When the British ruled India

The recent India England series provided a great amount of entertainment (and I’m not talking about the Indian fans.) Despite the fact that the whole tour was dominated by a biased commentary lineup which was either constantly looking for controversies or praising the Indian side for no reason at all, the scene was majorly dominated by some on-field genius of the English.

A clean sweep in the test series including two innings wins made sure that the Indian dominancy in the test rankings came to an end in a rather thrashing manner. Then came the only T20 match of the tour where the English team showed why they are the T20 champs. The ODI series wasn’t something to write home about either for the Indian XI where they failed to register even a single victory. Even the rain went against them at times.

From its start till the end, the tour was taken over by loads of injuries that kept on haunting the Indians continually. Young blood was tried and tested and some of them showed potential as well but could not make an impact on the outcome of any of the games. The veteran Rahul Dravid though showed a lot of fitness and resilience and even in his last ODI game made a good half century finishing his ODI career on a high note. He was surely ‘the wall’ for India which was dented by the Indians themselves by not showing confidence in him over the last 2 years.

It was a tour which was primarily hyped to be dominated by Sachin’s 100th international century. Graeme Swann promised that Sachin would have to wait six seven months for this feat and the English proved him right. Of course Sachin himself helped the cause by ruling himself out of the tour due to a foot injury half way into the tour.

All that India managed to dig up in the recent English tour was a lot of humiliation and a drop in their rankings both in Tests and ODIs. They are no longer the best test team in the world and they are just a spot above Pakistan in the ODI rankings as well now.

England surely proved to the world that India is not the only side with an exceptional record playing at home.

Hammad A. Mateen



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