Aamil Devdas

On the way to a friend’s place last night I happened to spot an advertisement chalked on the sides of a flyover. It read, ‘Chatt mangni, patt biyah … Aamil Devdas.’ The first thought that came to my mind was the same as many of yours; if he’s promising a ‘Chatt mangni and patt biyah’, why is he ‘Devdas’ himself? Of course Devdas is a name and not just an emblem of heartbreak but then why would the guy even use this name?

The point is that even today when the world is talking about Steve Jobs and the iPad, we are still stuck in finding solutions to our problems through these spurious Aamil’s. The very next proposal Aamil Devdas had in his promotional campaign is ‘harr pareshani ka hull’ (solution to all problems). Maybe PM Gilani should talk to him about how to keep the opposition quite, or maybe PML (N) might consider consulting him regarding Imran Khan’s increasing popularity. Better than that, Gen. Kiyani should visit his ‘aastana’ and ask him to do something about the US drone attacks in North Waziristan. I have serious doubts that this is the man behind letting the US know where Osama Bin Laden was hiding. He might also know something about the Libyan revolution. I also have a fishy feeling that this is the guy responsible for not making it possible for the Pakistani players to play in the IPL.

We as a nation have wandered off so far away from our religion and beliefs that now we depend upon people like these Aamil’s to solve our problems. I’m pretty darn sure that the clientele of this guy would be a pretty big one and most of them would be Muslims who wouldn’t even consider the fact that this sham individual is not even using a Muslim name for his promotion, meaning that whatever he will be offering would relate to black magic which is totally Haram in Islam.

ALLAH (SWT) loves us all and there is no obstacle for any of us to make a direct connection with our Lord in the form of prayers; but we refrain from that and start depending upon human beings who have no control upon their own lives even. All we need is self-confidence and a rejuvenation of our faith in ALLAH Al-Mighty. We are lesser to none and only hard work along with prayers can solve our problems both individually and collectively. May ALLAH (SWT) guide and bless us all, Aameen.

Hammad A. Mateen


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