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Save a Life!

Dear All,

My Friend Mr. Younus’s daughter was diagnosed with Beta Major Thalassemia in March 2012. Wania is just ONE-YEAR old.

For Beta Major Thalassemia, regular blood transfusion for life time is required. The only permanent treatment for this disease is the Bone Marrow Transplantation.

As far as the expenses are concerned for the Bone Marrow Transplantation, tentative details are as follows:


The total amount is more than PKR 2.5 million. That is a huge amount which he cannot bear.

I humbly request to all of you kindly participate and donate whatever you can to save a life. I also request you to find some donors in your area of relationship to achieve this goal as soon as possible. This is a matter which is not about money for me; it’s about a daughter’s life. For this purpose I am also available to provide any kind of evidence and answers of you questions.

May ALLAH save her life and shower his blessings on you and your family especially on your daughters and sisters.

Bank account details for donations are following,

Title of account:                Muhammad Younus
A/C No:                                 1108-0071-000178-01-8
A/C Nature:                        PLS Saving
Bank:                                      Bank Al-Habib
Branch:                                 Mehmoodabad
Branch Swift Code:          BAHLPKKA
Contact #:                            +92-333-218838



Thanks in advance.

Hammad A. Mateen