Pakistan and the World Cup

From Australia and New Zealand hosting the event till the early losses in the pool matches, from the age and home district of the team’s captain till the era of the same Prime Minister, we did everything we could to convince ourselves through similarities between 1992 and 2015 that the Pakistan Cricket team will win the ICC World cup this year. I guess the Pakistan cricket team was also banking on history to repeat itself more than focusing on the field.

Here’s what they could’ve done better:

  • Not consider at least one ‘Akmal’ in the team auspicious and make Umar sit outside till he learns the maths that making lesser runs in batting than allowing batsmen to make more runs by dropping catches while fielding loses matches for the team.
  • Give Sadqa for the whole team instead of wasting such a huge amount of money which they spent on tickets and accommodation for Nasir Jamshed.
  • Provide Ahmed Shehzad with a selfie stick instead of a bat; he performs well with the former in his hand.
  • Play Younis Khan in all the matches and try him in all batting positions from one to eleven hoping he will be consistent at all numbers till either the positions run out or the number of matches. He would still be a better choice.
  • Give Yasir Shah actual matches to play rather than considering him as the kid in the neighborhood who is only used for fielding.

Since, the ICC CWC 2015 is now part of history, here’s what we should do for the 2019 World cup:

  • Not start planning for the next world cup until the last series before it. It is only at that time when we are somewhat sure which players might stay fit and healthy and whose bowling actions are barely legal.
  • Forget about batting and bowling and only practice catching.
  • Have some faith in Sarfaraz, please


If logic and hard work is not the preferred way forward, consider having Intikhab Alam appointed as coach. He’s been there both times (ODI and T20) Pakistan has lifted the cup. Waqar Younus just doesn’t have that magic.

Talking a little more about not having to work hard for success and depending more on circumstances, similarities of eras and repeat of events, if nothing works, we can consider the following:

  • In an order of sequence, after India and Australia, it is Pakistan’s turn to win the world cup. Remember, India won in 1983, Australia lifted the cup in 1987 and then it was Pakistan’s turn in 1992. Now, India won in 2011, Australia has done it in 2015 and so we should expect Pakistan to do it in 2019.
  • The last time Pakistan played a world cup in England (T20 world cup, 2009), Pakistan won. So, the English grounds are somewhat lucky for us (no offense to Salman Butt, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Aamir).
  • The last time Pakistan won the world cup:
    • It was played with 11 players on each side with 2 umpires on the field and a third umpire sitting upstairs.
    • They played with colored kits with Pakistan wearing green.
    • Batsmen were allowed to use wooden bats to hit a ball made with cork covered with leather.
    • Bowlers were allowed to bowl only 6 balls in an over.

Hope all of the above mentioned facts help Pakistan win the next time.

In short, PCB should do whatever it wants to do but just don’t label anything as a preparation for the next world cup.

To the whole nation, the next time, please don’t break your TVs; changing channels also works, trust me it does.

Hammad A. Mateen


3 responses to “Pakistan and the World Cup

  1. Usamah Naseem

    We had a kid in our team like Yasir Shah 😉

  2. No Place for Younis Khan in all the matches and try to sit at home and give batting Training or Coaching at there native Place . That would still be a better choice for him.

  3. Future depends on what we do in the present and indeed, this time we concentrated more on repeating past with completely different people rather then creating new examples.

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