What’s in a moment?

Life is too complicated to be lived in years, months, weeks and days. All that we remember at the end of a journey are moments. Life should be lived in those. Moments of joy, moments of sorrow, moments of regret, moments of surprise, moments that can’t be defined, moments that don’t need to be defined, moments of love, moments of pain, moments of excitement, moments of disappointment, moments of valor, moments of pride, moments of serenity, there are just too many of them. But what’s amazing about moments is that we remember them all. Maybe because all that we remember are the only ones that count.

A moment can’t be measured, it’s smaller than a second and greater than eternity. Time is just not worthy enough to become the unit of measurement of a moment, nothing is. A moment is like a gush of wind that touches you with an invisible power and makes you succumb to its grasp. A moment is when you wish you had control over this heartless thing called ‘time’.


What makes up a moment though is the realization of it in your heart with all the sincerity and honesty your soul can ever make you experience.

A moment is when you accept the fact that you have failed at something in your life, especially when it’s for the first time ever. A moment is when a hard-thought, complicated plan comes together. A moment is when with shivering hands, you carry your child in your arms for the first time. A moment is for which a photographer regrets for his whole life for not carrying his camera then.

A moment is when you gather the courage and utter those special words to your loved one for the very first time. A moment is when you realize that you are actually in love. A moment is when a father feels a sense of pride for the first time in his life because of his offspring. A moment is when you realize that you have lost someone close to your heart forever.

A moment lies within a Sajda when you can feel God in front of you. A moment is when you feel like the only person in the world and it doesn’t frighten you. A moment is when you connect to yourself like you never have before. A moment is when you can almost literally hear your heart shatter. A moment is when you prove your own doubts wrong by outdoing yourself. A moment is when you feel appreciated.

Moments are valuable, moments are rare. Moments are what we’re only able to recollect through feelings and not by anything else. We learn lessons of life through moments that we either want to relive again or not experience anything even close to them ever again. Life can very easily be transformed into a book using moments as its chapters. Start writing your book, value the most important moments of your life.

Hammad A. Mateen


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