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Mothers for Sale!

16th March, 2011, another black day in the history of a country that now spends 90% of a year BLACK!

Writers wasted their words, speakers wasted their emotions, newspapers wasted ink. With a stroke of pen, the Session Court Lahore rubbished them all.

Whatever happened to the illegal weapons possession case, or the spying material found from Raymond’s (or whatever his name was) car.

Compensation was finalized for cold-blooded murders of two men worth 21 crore rupees and American visas. Two men, one of whom’s wife committed suicide hopeless for justice from her government. A government which is run by people who would sell their own mothers and sisters if they get a good price for them.

It is one of those moments when you feel ashamed to be a part of this nation. Moments when you want to dig a hole and bury yourself in it so that nobody can notice that you were also around when things like this happened.

Scores are level; Musharaf-1, Zardari-1

The dictator sold his sister, the democrat sold his mother’s honor.

Islam reigns supreme when America uses it for compensation for murders committed by it’s agents.

Muslims are extremists when they run a country by Islamic laws.

Well done Pakistan !!!

We’ve proven our loyalty yet again!

Drones, Raymonds, Air Space, Land routes, Transportation, Aafias, Air Bases, Residential Space and much much more.

We are Pakistan, and we’re on Sale!


Hamari Aafia Tumhara Raymond !

As a diehard Pakistani and someone who considers the Pakistan government nothing more than a pet sitter for USA in Afghanistan, I should be shouting my tonsils out to hang Raymond Davis for his brutal acts in Lahore. On second thoughts, I should be more thoughtful and convert my anger into strategy. The best way to do that is to urge my government to hand over Raymond Davis to the American government in exchange of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.

Our dear old Uncle Sam has a very bad habit of misunderstanding that rules and regulations only apply for others and not the US. No law, no rule, no constitution is effective enough to convict a US citizen or even prosecute them.

It seems not very long since Dr. Aafia was convicted on the charges of ‘attempt’ to murder in a US court. 86 years of prison for a Pakistani who didn’t even succeed to kill. Mr. Raymond however made sure he didn’t miss the target and actually ‘killed’ 2 Pakistani men (who were said to be dacoits by Mr. Davis). Whatever happened to the booty.

‘The matter is sub judice’, says our watchful Prime Minister. No heroics on his part as usual.

Diplomat or no diplomat, is murder actually a charge for which a person may enjoy indemnity? That too for multiple murders?

Is it so easy for us to ask Dr. Aafia in exchange of Raymond Davis without even giving our words a second thought? It doesn’t seem so easy for me. I just happened to read Dr. Aafia’s family statement this morning and it was very pleasing to see at least someone holding on to some sense in this critical time. The statement said that Raymond Davis is not the guilty party for them, he needs to be dealt with according to the wishes of the families of those who were murdered.

This is what Islam teaches us and this is what differentiates us from the rest of the world; Justice!

Let the courts decide the fate of this man and if he is found guilty, the decision should be left to the families of the deceased. If they want him hanged, then he should be and if they allow him to be exchanged for Dr. Aafia, only then the government should make arrangements and negotiate with the US government in this regard.

Whatever happened in the case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui was wrong, but the ball is in our court now and its time we show the world what justice is all about.

Hammad A. Mateen