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A Story with Parallel Plots

We live in a country whose economy has been in hot waters for a very long time now. We have security issues and people are not willing to invest. Brain drain is at its peak and even those without brains are somehow not satisfied on staying in Pakistan. The inflation rate is suffering inflation itself and the ordinary people are committing suicide due to lack of employment. Some commit suicides themselves; others take the lives of a few more with them in the form of suicide bombs.

At this point of time, the Prime Minister of Pakistan in speech on the 20th of January 2011 announced the inauguration of Parliament lodges Phase -2 which will be started on 4 acre land starting with Rs. 2.9 billion. The project would be completed in 36 months and 104 residential family flats will be constructed in this phase while gymnasium, masjid, meeting rooms and 5 servant quarters would also be constructed in the lodges. The Prime Minister also discussed the proposal of a tunnel from the parliament house to the parliament lodges so that the security of parliamentarians can be ensured.

Pakistan and its government seem to be story with parallel plots running side by side. At one side, we have the story of the common man whose life has been made hell on earth due to the price hikes and security situation, and on the other hand we have the luxurious lives of our parliamentarians who have found heaven on earth in the form a seat in the assembly.

Interestingly, the Prime Minister in the same address also talked about the fact that Pakistan is facing economic threats. ‘Can’t understand why!’, he must be saying to himself.

Where did this Rs. 2.9 billion come from? Did the IMF provide government of Pakistan loan for this reason? Or is at a gift from Uncle Sam for the war against terror?

The very politicians that reach the assemblies through the vote of the common man now want to travel in underground passages so that they don’t have to face the nation. They want sumptuous lives, while the voter is still sleeping without a roof struck by earthquakes, floods and suicide attacks.

Where did this Rs. 2.9 billion come from? Did the NAB recover it from the Hajj Scandal culprits? Or was it recovered from Mr. Ayaz Khan Niazi (former chairman NIC)?

We are a country that begs for international aid for the rehabilitation of people struck by national disasters and terrorism, but those affected never get a penny from that aid. Instead, the royal beggars construct luxury lodges and fulfill their desires by imposing taxes and raising prices on everyday items.

Our Prime Minister, President, the opposition and all those around them should be ashamed of the way this country is being handled and mend their ways before its too late.   

Hammad A. Mateen