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A Cracked Society

We live in a discriminated civilization and our ill fate is that discrimination is the foundation of our society. Religion, region, race, language, color, development, education, economics and a lot more form the slabs of segregation throughout this global civilization.

As far as religion is concerned, differentiation is understandable but it should still not be mistaken for discrimination. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc. all support individual rights of their followers and strictly discourage discrimination. Hinduism however has a caste system for which there certainly are issues where Dalits are considered untouchable by the Brahmans for which their justification is that all this is mentioned in their Shastras (Holy books). The Indian constitution discourages this attitude and protects individual rights.

Discrimination however does not end here, there’s a lot more to it. When I look around myself and carefully observe the society I am a part of, I can see many facets of discrimination.

For instance, when parents look for a bride for their son, they do not want a widow or a divorced woman as their daughter-in-law no matter how young the available option is. Their first and mostly the only choice is an unmarried- or as they call it an ‘untouched’ girl. Islam has no prohibition on a girl getting remarried after she has gotten a divorce or if her first husband dies, but our society has formed its own laws and prohibitions. They may however compromise if the widow or divorcee was to be a green card holder or the lone heiress of an empire.

Same is the case in academics and professions, engineers and doctors supersede all other professionals; that is what people know about these two professions, what they don’t know is that even within these two professions there is discrimination. There are good engineers & doctors and then there are the bad ones. In college, the ones who get better grades are good engineers, no matter what means they use to get those good grades. Conceptual learning is not really encouraged until it bears marks.

Professionally, the one who earns more is a good engineer. Same implies when people look for a son-in-law, the first choice is a doctor or engineer, and the second step is to choose an engineer or doctor who earns more than his contemporaries. I read a very interesting but true SMS a few days ago, which said: “He looks for a woman with a good past and she looks for a man with a good future.”

When we look at our family structure itself, we won’t be surprised to see discrimination there also. Most parents prefer and pray to have boys rather than girls whenever a new born is expected. When the result doesn’t match their expectation or liking, the poor girls have to bear the grudge for their very existence throughout their lives by being denied the independence and freedom of expression which their opposite gender may enjoy from their birth till the day they die.

Families more inclined towards religion exercise the discrimination in a way that the daughters have to strictly obey Islamic traditions by doing proper ‘parda’ (veil or abaya) and keep their lips sealed when it comes to making any choice, be it choosing a degree, friend or even a groom. The sons in the family however are free to make their choices. They are the ones who’ll be responsible for carrying the family name forward in the form of a new generation; they are the family’s pride. Unlike the strict obedience of Islamic laws, traditions and rituals which their sisters have to adhere to, they have a far more relaxed environment provided by the parents. They aren’t generally forced to grow beards or adhere to Islamic rituals like their sisters are compelled to do ‘parda’, they aren’t asked too much about what they do and who they hang out with, they are given the freedom to choose their degrees, professions and even life partners.

Parents get away by stating how naughty their son is when they’re told that he has several girlfriends. The situation is different however when they even hear a slight rumor about their daughter having a male friend.

I do not intend to challenge the true Islamic laws and traditions in any way but the same Islamic laws and traditions also do not allow men to live a life that is no-holds-barred.

I also understand that a lot is happening in our society in the name of equality and modernization that is totally unjustifiable and absurd. But still, the dilemma mentioned above is a reality which we must accept.

Now let’s come to those who use the term ‘equal rights’ in a completely different manner, the upper class and ultra-modern segment of our society.  They look down upon anyone and everyone who has a weaker monetary backbone than theirs. It’s a brand conscious segment of society where discrimination is based upon Ray ban, Gucci, Prada and Armani.

I’m not sure how to conclude this piece as there doesn’t seem to be an end to this discrimination in our society. The cracked society we are part of has so many pieces which I have failed to look upon this time. Maybe I’ll have to write more someday, maybe I’ll have to cry more.

Hammad A. Mateen


Recipe: Pakistani Awami Biryani

To make a delicious Pakistani Awami Biryani, you need to :

  1. Take some yogurt of insecurity and beat it well.
  2. Marinate the awami chicken with the yogurt of insecurity, garlic paste of high fuel prices, ginger paste of electricity load shedding, unemployment turmeric powder, bus fares coriander powder, chilli powder of illiteracy, shortage of gas cumin powder and of course social difference salt. Let it marinate for some time.
  3. Take some target killing onions and chop them very thin. Deep fry them in law and order oil mixed with ¼ cup of clarified sectarian violence butter until crispy.
  4. Now its time to take some tension rice. Clean and wash them and then drain carefully and set aside.
  5. Clean and chop the mint and coriander leaves of Pakistan steel mills. In the same oil, fry the chopped Railway cashew nuts and PIA raisins until golden brown, drain and set aside. Slit green chillies of cell phone addiction, and mix into the marinated awami chicken.
  6. Put the awami chicken and marinade into a political pot in which the target killing onions were fried earlier.
  7. Time to add a little water from any unreliable source, cover and cook until the awami chicken is half done.
  8. Remove the Awami chicken pieces with a spoon of Police & Rangers and measure the stock. Add more water until diseases are inflicted.
  9. Put the tension rice into a rice cooker, add the whole spices of drones, arrange the awami chicken pieces on top, sprinkle three-quarters of the fried target killing onions and all the chopped PIA, Railways and other leaves.
  10. Pour in the measured stock into which the garam masala of intolerance has been added.
  11. Pour the remaining quarter cup of clarified sectarian violence butter over the whole mixture. Cover and cook until well done.
  12. Take some eggs of facebook and chatting and hard-boil them.
  13. Soak the saffron of distance from religion in the milk of fleeing the country.
  14. When the biryani is done, open the rice cooker, and sprinkle the saffron-soaked milk on top. Mix carefully and cover and leave on very low heat for a few minutes.
  15. Just before serving, mix in the juice of half a lemon of protests and strikes.
  16. Arrange on a serving dish and garnish with corruption.

The perfect Pakistani Awami Biryani is ready!

Note: Don’t forget to take proper medication after eating in order to digest.

From the cookbook of Chef Hammad Abdul Mateen

Obama for President (Again)

Hurray!! They’ve gotten rid of the most evil man on the face of the earth.

They were afraid of him so much that they didn’t even want to keep his corpse as if it would get up and kill a few more of them on the way back to America.

They were afraid that people would make a shrine if they’d brought the dead body back. Shrine of a man who did not believe in making shrines (strange).

Their helicopter fainted and crashed as soon as it got to know that it was hovering over the hide-out of the most dangerous man in the world.

The most wanted man in the world (on the run for 10 years) was so stupid that he was staying in the same hideout for 9 months. Maybe the atmosphere suited him alot.

Is the war on terror over?

Who started it in the first place?

Was 9/11 an inside job?

I pity the poor American citizens who went to the streets to celebrate without even confirming the news.

I pity the poor American families who’s children are sent to Afghanistan to fight an endless war.

As far as the US establishment is concerned, Mr. Obama has made it quite certain for himself that he’ll be sitting in the White House for a next term as president.

The Pakistani government on the other hand is as numb as its radars that were jammed two nights ago when American marines entered Pakistani airspace and conducted an operation on Pakistani soil.

Bravo! on an operation where there was not a single civilian casualty. Was he such an easy target? Then what about those drones that mistakenly take out civilians in the northern areas of Pakistan? Are there targets more dangerous and more difficult to take out for them?

Couldn’t they just hit a drone or missle at a 2000 yard mansion?

And if they really did need to carry out a ground operation, couldn’t they take him alive?

Is it the end of Al-Qaeda?

Does an Al-Qaeda really exist in the first place?

Two many questions, not too many people to ask them.

As the Americans say,

‘God save America! destroy everyone else please.’

The Kill Team

Cpl. Jeremy Morlock with Staff Sgt. David Bram

 Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-kill-team-20110327

Viewer discretion is advised for the weak-hearted regarding the website’s content.

By Mark Boal

Early last year, after six hard months soldiering in Afghanistan, a group of American infantrymen reached a momentous decision: It was finally time to kill a haji.

Among the men of Bravo Company, the notion of killing an Afghan civilian had been the subject of countless conversations, during lunchtime chats and late-night bull sessions. For weeks, they had weighed the ethics of bagging “savages” and debated the probability of getting caught. Some of them agonized over the idea; others were gung-ho from the start. But not long after the New Year, as winter descended on the arid plains of Kandahar Province, they agreed to stop talking and actually pull the trigger.

Bravo Company had been stationed in the area since summer, struggling, with little success, to root out the Taliban and establish an American presence in one of the most violent and lawless regions of the country. On the morning of January 15th, the company’s 3rd Platoon – part of the 5th Stryker Brigade, based out of Tacoma, Washington – left the mini-metropolis of tents and trailers at Forward Operating Base Ramrod in a convoy of armored Stryker troop carriers. The massive, eight-wheeled trucks surged across wide, vacant stretches of desert, until they came to La Mohammad Kalay, an isolated farming village tucked away behind a few poppy fields.

To provide perimeter security, the soldiers parked the Strykers at the outskirts of the settlement, which was nothing more than a warren of mud-and-straw compounds. Then they set out on foot. Local villagers were suspected of supporting the Taliban, providing a safe haven for strikes against U.S. troops. But as the soldiers of 3rd Platoon walked through the alleys of La Mohammad Kalay, they saw no armed fighters, no evidence of enemy positions. Instead, they were greeted by a frustratingly familiar sight: destitute Afghan farmers living without electricity or running water; bearded men with poor teeth in tattered traditional clothes; young kids eager for candy and money. It was impossible to tell which, if any, of the villagers were sympathetic to the Taliban. The insurgents, for their part, preferred to stay hidden from American troops, striking from a distance with IEDs.

While the officers of 3rd Platoon peeled off to talk to a village elder inside a compound, two soldiers walked away from the unit until they reached the far edge of the village. There, in a nearby poppy field, they began looking for someone to kill. “The general consensus was, if we are going to do something that f***ing crazy, no one wanted anybody around to witness it,” one of the men later told Army investigators.

The poppy plants were still low to the ground at that time of year. The two soldiers, Cpl. Jeremy Morlock and Pfc. Andrew Holmes, saw a young farmer who was working by himself among the spiky shoots. Off in the distance, a few other soldiers stood sentry. But the farmer was the only Afghan in sight. With no one around to witness, the timing was right. And just like that, they picked him for execution.

He was a smooth-faced kid, about 15 years old. Not much younger than they were: Morlock was 21, Holmes was 19. His name, they would later learn, was Gul Mudin, a common name in Afghanistan. He was wearing a little cap and a Western-style green jacket. He held nothing in his hand that could be interpreted as a weapon, not even a shovel. The expression on his face was welcoming. “He was not a threat,” Morlock later confessed.

Hamari Aafia Tumhara Raymond !

As a diehard Pakistani and someone who considers the Pakistan government nothing more than a pet sitter for USA in Afghanistan, I should be shouting my tonsils out to hang Raymond Davis for his brutal acts in Lahore. On second thoughts, I should be more thoughtful and convert my anger into strategy. The best way to do that is to urge my government to hand over Raymond Davis to the American government in exchange of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.

Our dear old Uncle Sam has a very bad habit of misunderstanding that rules and regulations only apply for others and not the US. No law, no rule, no constitution is effective enough to convict a US citizen or even prosecute them.

It seems not very long since Dr. Aafia was convicted on the charges of ‘attempt’ to murder in a US court. 86 years of prison for a Pakistani who didn’t even succeed to kill. Mr. Raymond however made sure he didn’t miss the target and actually ‘killed’ 2 Pakistani men (who were said to be dacoits by Mr. Davis). Whatever happened to the booty.

‘The matter is sub judice’, says our watchful Prime Minister. No heroics on his part as usual.

Diplomat or no diplomat, is murder actually a charge for which a person may enjoy indemnity? That too for multiple murders?

Is it so easy for us to ask Dr. Aafia in exchange of Raymond Davis without even giving our words a second thought? It doesn’t seem so easy for me. I just happened to read Dr. Aafia’s family statement this morning and it was very pleasing to see at least someone holding on to some sense in this critical time. The statement said that Raymond Davis is not the guilty party for them, he needs to be dealt with according to the wishes of the families of those who were murdered.

This is what Islam teaches us and this is what differentiates us from the rest of the world; Justice!

Let the courts decide the fate of this man and if he is found guilty, the decision should be left to the families of the deceased. If they want him hanged, then he should be and if they allow him to be exchanged for Dr. Aafia, only then the government should make arrangements and negotiate with the US government in this regard.

Whatever happened in the case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui was wrong, but the ball is in our court now and its time we show the world what justice is all about.

Hammad A. Mateen

Freedom of speech???

Below are excerpts from a French TV show in which the ‘Independant’ media of the west is praising and advocating freedom of speech exceeding all limits. No wait! there are limits; limits that are assigned by them as well.

Have a look!

I have nothing more to write.

Hammad A. Mateen

Who am I?

Am I an extremist?
Am I a terrorist?
Am I a source of agony?
Am I a peace specialist?


I long for serenity,
I long for fresh air,
Does that make me any different?
Does that make me an idealist?


I stick to Quran in my life,
I stick to the Prophet (PBUH)’s word,
Then why is this animosity?
Why can’t people coexist?


I value my religion,
I respect those of others,
Then why is this chasm widening?
Why can’t they get the gist?


Formal means wearing less,
It’s mandatory to look modern,
It’s the fashion of dark ages my sisters,
Ask any archeologist.


Money is essential for all,
More important than lives,
People planning their future ventures,
Earning more is a palmist.


Banks operating on interest,
Haraam being called Halaal,
Is this not a predicament?
Is this not to resist?


Ignorance is bliss today,
Knowledge nowhere to be found,
Islam is enlightenment,
And I am a fundamentalist.


Hammad A. Mateen