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The Office Jungle


In the jungle of mistrust known as ‘The office’, species of various kinds dwell. It is truly a miracle of God that coexistence of such contrastingly natured creatures is possible at the same place.

Some characteristics of this jungle and its inhabitants are mentioned below:

The climate: Climate change takes place throughout the week from Mondays to Fridays and in some cases even extending to Saturdays. It’s usually gloomy on Mondays followed by light showers on Tuesdays which lead to heavy thunderstorms on Wednesdays. Thursdays are sunny and humid with the temperatures rising up to about 45 degree Celsius. Fridays are usually windy and dusty.

The Inhabitants: As we take a jungle safari, creatures of various kinds can be seen busy in their rituals which they term as ‘The Office life.’ Descriptions of some of these creatures are given below:

The Hard-workers: These are usually the ones upon whom survival of the jungle depends. They are moderate in nature, mostly subtle in their approach towards life and literally harmless to other living things that are around them. They prefer a calm, silent life without interfering in other individuals’ businesses. They have the ability to survive in all kinds of climatic changes without making much of a hassle.

The Scared ones: This kind is usually not the one which you can observe very easily during your jungle safari. They try to stay in hibernation most of the time. They have an exaggerated sense of smell and the moment they catch the scent of trouble in the air. They hide behind the rocks of files or inside the lair that is at an unknown location.   

The Leg Pullers: These are the chirpy ones. It’s not easy to find them in their dens as they are mostly found sitting around and wasting time in some other parts of the woods. They are generally harmless in nature but they like having a good time by playing pranks on the hard-worker types and specially the scared ones.

The Politicians: These are the only species in the jungle that are blessed with a ‘Brain’ (or at least they think that way.) They are extremely talented for all the wrong reasons. They are utilized by both hunters and the King of the jungle to keep a close eye on the activities of other inhabitants to hunt them down when required.

The Psychos: These are creatures with extraordinary abilities but they use these abilities at their own will. Scientists are still trying to find out about the chemical that runs in the veins of these species and makes them what they are. They aren’t bothered about what’s happening around in the jungle. The climate changes don’t even have a great impact on them. They have their own set of rules and they aren’t worried about anything else.

The Team Leaders: Creatures belonging to this genus mostly rely on the hard-worker and psycho type species. They are either found running behind a psycho trying to convince it to follow the rules of the jungle and passing warnings to it that are coming from the top, or they are mostly busy in disturbing the hard-workers to enhance their performance and efficiency (which does not actually happen very often, and the TL knows that too.)

The Managers: Inhabitants of this kind are usually the ones that attack first and then ask questions. They are predators and they hunt their prey down usually when they are caught napping. They have a great problem with the existence of psychos in the habitat. Managers like to live at a den which is positioned at a height so that they can keep a close eye on what’s happening around the jungle. They are mostly volatile in nature and consider themselves ‘King of the jungle’ (which they actually aren’t.)  

The Big Boss: ‘King of the Jungle’, the big boss isn’t usually seen around the jungle too often. It likes to rest mostly in its cave and comes out only when it feels like coming out. It has a very unpredictable nature. Sometimes at the time of feast, it likes to sit around with the other inhabitants of the jungle to give them a feeling that the King is actually very nice at heart. That is not usually the case though. He is only nice and calm until the affairs of the jungle are running smoothly. The moment something goes wrong, it can become the deadliest of predators. Scientists believe that until the inferior inhabitants of the jungle continue to bring vegetables to serve the King, it’s an herbivore. But if they fail to serve it the way it wants, it’ll come out of its cave and start hunting as a carnivore.

Life is not easy at the jungle. It’s all about survival of the fittest, and to become fit enough, learning the tricks of the trade is inevitable.

Happy Hunting!

Hammad A. Mateen