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Obama for President (Again)

Hurray!! They’ve gotten rid of the most evil man on the face of the earth.

They were afraid of him so much that they didn’t even want to keep his corpse as if it would get up and kill a few more of them on the way back to America.

They were afraid that people would make a shrine if they’d brought the dead body back. Shrine of a man who did not believe in making shrines (strange).

Their helicopter fainted and crashed as soon as it got to know that it was hovering over the hide-out of the most dangerous man in the world.

The most wanted man in the world (on the run for 10 years) was so stupid that he was staying in the same hideout for 9 months. Maybe the atmosphere suited him alot.

Is the war on terror over?

Who started it in the first place?

Was 9/11 an inside job?

I pity the poor American citizens who went to the streets to celebrate without even confirming the news.

I pity the poor American families who’s children are sent to Afghanistan to fight an endless war.

As far as the US establishment is concerned, Mr. Obama has made it quite certain for himself that he’ll be sitting in the White House for a next term as president.

The Pakistani government on the other hand is as numb as its radars that were jammed two nights ago when American marines entered Pakistani airspace and conducted an operation on Pakistani soil.

Bravo! on an operation where there was not a single civilian casualty. Was he such an easy target? Then what about those drones that mistakenly take out civilians in the northern areas of Pakistan? Are there targets more dangerous and more difficult to take out for them?

Couldn’t they just hit a drone or missle at a 2000 yard mansion?

And if they really did need to carry out a ground operation, couldn’t they take him alive?

Is it the end of Al-Qaeda?

Does an Al-Qaeda really exist in the first place?

Two many questions, not too many people to ask them.

As the Americans say,

‘God save America! destroy everyone else please.’